A bit about us


brandbuild is a Strategic Consulting and full-service Advertising Agency, with four major divisions: Strategy, Design, Digital & Logistics.

All brandbuild personnel are classically educated. All have a thorough grounding in the larger consulting practices or international advertising agencies. All were dissatisfied with what they saw. We pride ourselves on approaching our work differently.

With modest offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, brandbuild can coordinate large-scale projects, but clients don’t pay for large-scale overheads.

brandbuild is comprised of a team of Consultants, Research Associates, Media Planner Buyer, an in-house Graphic Design team, a digital development team, stock management personnel and administrative services. The company was formed in 2001.


for the real world

brandbuild is not just about being a great design house. There are many aspects to a great campaign that require real understanding of the objectives, and the ability to learn.
Great campaigns require attention to detail. We understand that our creative must exist in the real world, and that results speak loudest. We don’t require clients to write complex campaign briefs; its our job to come to you and listen.

We are not interested in Industry awards, or being recognised by our peers. brandbuild materials aim to cut through the clutter with cleanliness of line, copy and clarity of message.
All medias can be handled on your behalf, but with a strict eye on accountability for return on funds employed.



not only great websites

brandbuild offer a wide range of tools and services for the marketing of businesses via digital delivery. We not only build great websites, but also coordinate banner campaigns, eDM campaigns, Google based optimisation/Adwords and/or social media strategies.

brandbuild have in-house capability in the design and build of great digital sites/campaigns - whether its custom, or based on Wordpress, Shopify or other. brandbuild will always supply a Content Management System (CMS) in conjunction with the site build.

The CMS we recommend supports technologies we commonly utilise in our website designs, such as Responsive Design (site automatically changes design dependent on browser/device size), and Mega Menus (offers improved navigation and usability in complex sites). Some clients brief brandbuild to design website templates through to sign off, and we then work with their developer of choice and SEO partner to get the project built.




The Strategic division offers consulting services to quickly understand, evaluate, research, and implement campaigns. Campaigns to generate profit. Via brandbuild each project receives the individual attention and skill set that your idea deserves.

Our Consultants work quickly, but with thoroughness that demonstrates commitment. Most projects run less than six weeks.

The process is fluid but usually involves launch preparation; including the completion of Business Plans, ‘Go-To-Market’ Strategies, and/or conducting pilots.

brandbuild Marketing Consultants can assist with implementation via our in-house Design & Digital studios, or can just as easily work with your established creative partners.



Pick'n'Pack with love

brandbuild offer a full range of logistical and marketing support solutions. This division began in 2001 as a service for clients who were simply ‘losing control’ of their collateral.

Clients had pallets of materials taking up valuable office space, and the re-ordering of stationery was always ‘someone else’s job’. Out of stocks were common, and holding up invoice runs.

Growing into a clean span warehouse of its own, brandbuild Logistics now offers a comprehensive integrated 'web2print' service to clients who understand the value of doing things right first time.

Specialised staff and warehouses offer sophisticated fulfillment services to a variety of service organisations, retail operations, and fast growing franchise networks.